What is UHP Water Blasting, and What is It Used for?

Due to the nature of industrial work, buildup, corrosion, and contamination are sometimes unavoidable. That’s why it’s important to schedule surface and equipment cleaning and maintenance to ensure everything at your work site is in good working condition. More and more professionals are turning to UHP (Ultra-High Pressure) for challenging industrial cleaning projects. If you find yourself in need of water UHP water blasting services, Specialised Industrial Solutions is the company to contact. SIS utilises a complete fleet of Ultra-High Pressure Water blasting systems to blast clean even the toughest buildup.

What is UHP Water Blasting?

UHP Water Blasting, sometimes called high-pressure cleaning or water jetting, is a surface preparation method that uses high-pressure water to remove buildup materials and contaminants. It is used in various industrial applications to clean thick dirt, debris, and contaminants that can build upon industrial surfaces. UHP water jetting forces the fast-moving water through the water jetting gun. Pumps in the jetting equipment receive water from a reservoir, pressurise it, and release it onto the material’s surface. This technique can be used in various surface applications, including concrete, aluminium extrusions, steel pipes, polymers, and copper statues.

Why Do Industries Need Water Blasting?

High-pressure water blasting is a fast and effective cleaning technique within various industries. It’s a much stronger type of pressure washing suitable for removing stubborn chemical residues, heavy rust, resins, and scale.  Industrial professionals can use abrasive blasting to eradicate strong or abrasion-resistant coatings, like coal-tar epoxies, polyurethanes, chlorinated rubber, and glass flake. High-pressure water jetting offers valuable benefits over traditional solid abrasive techniques. These benefits include:

  • Lower costs – Ultra high-pressure water only uses pure water to eradicate buildups and coatings using the equipment. This lowers the costs of water jetting by eliminating the need for acquiring, storing, and disposing of abrasives.
  • Environmentally-friendly – Environmental compliance is increasingly gaining attention in the industrial landscape. Fortunately, UHP water blasting has little impact on the environment and the health of personnel.
  • Increased efficiency – High-pressure cleaning effectively cleans surfaces without causing damage to the existing profiles.
  • Reduced project time – Eradicating coatings with water rather than grit gives room for other projects to continue. Tasks like painting, welding, and electrical can be performed concurrently, reducing the overall project time.

Schedule Regular Industrial Water Service with SIS

Specialised Industrial Solutions is glad to provide high-quality UHP cleaning services to clients in a variety of industries. We use advanced Ultra High-Pressure Water blasting systems to remove buildups and dirt from surfaces. We specialise in rubber lining removal, thickener tanks, processing plant structure, and more. We also use Ultra-High Pressure water blasting to prepare concrete and steel substrates for coating. With pressures ranging up to 40,000 psi, the force produced by our pressure water blasting equipment can get your surfaces cleaned fast and remove failed coatings from substrates for surface preparation. Contact us today to learn how our highly trained and experienced experts can help in your business endeavours.