About Us

Specialised Industrial Solutions are your one stop asset protection and maintenance partners. Our business is to maintain your assets through an integrated service delivery solution. Whether they be structural assets, conveyor systems, underground shafts, pipes or services, tanks and reservoirs or processing systems, we make it our business to ensure your assets are clean, corrosion free and operating efficiently.
Our priority is supplying you with the entire range of Industrial solutions you need to ensure your plant is safe and functioning well.
We do this through the provision of a series of integrated services;

  • HP and UHP Cleaning
  • Vacuum loading and Vacuum
  • Excavation/Evacuation
  • Drain and Pipe Cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Abrasive and UHP Blasting
  • Hydro-Demolition
  • Protective Coating application and
  • Corrosion Control
  • Poly Urea spray linings (high abrasion/impact linings)

We also supplement our services with access, transport, management, and NACE certified inspection services so that we can deliver our clients total industrial services requirements from a single, trusted source.

water blasting