Protective Coatings

Protecting your assets from corrosion is critical to the sustainability of your business. We are expert applicators of all protective coatings and deliver a standard and documentation that is unrivalled.

We work with clients and coating manufacturers to develop engineered systems to protect an asset from the environment an asset is subjected to. Every asset and every environment is different, so providing the support and expertise to get the system right is essential.

Blast and Paint Mt Isa

We have strong relationships with Major coating manufacturers, who will attest to the standard of work we produce

  • Jotun
  • Dulux
  • International
  • Wattyl

We apply all coating types, as a part of certified, engineered coating systems. Our applicators are experts in the field and have experience within our business delivering on various mining and government projects to strict testing and specification requirements. Our equipment is designed for the systems we apply and maintained rigorously to ensure we deliver a high-quality product.


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