Everything you need to know about polyurea coating

Polyurea is among the most popular coating materials in the construction industry. The material was initially developed in the 1980s and was primarily used in the automotive industry. Recently, polyurea coating has continued to find its space in various commercial, residential and industrial applications.

What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is also referred to as an elastomer which is a polymer with both elasticity and viscosity. It is typically produced in a laboratory by creating carbonyl and amines chains. In layman’s terms, Polyurea is used to describe a particular rubberised plastic variety. However, it is a quick-drying rubberised compound sprayed in different layers to add a coat to various items used in industries and daily life. Polyurea is commonly formed from the chemical reaction between the combination of amine resin and isocyanate. The reaction occurs faster, so the coating must be expertly applied using modern technology. Polyurea has an exceptional tensile strength, which makes it among the most potent materials on the market.

Differences between Polyurea, Polyurethane, and Epoxy

Polyurea, Epoxy, and Polyurethane are different terminologies commonly used interchangeably. Perhaps an essential difference to note is that Polyurea ranks high in moisture, temperature, abrasion, UV, and chemical and impact resistance compared to epoxy coatings. Besides, Polyurea cures faster.

Benefits of Polyurea Coating

There are many money and time-saving benefits to applying Polyurea as floor coatings and the protection of waste water tanks, foundations roofs, mining equipment, and bridge decks. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • Durability and versatility- Polyurea is much stronger than typical coating materials like polyurethane and epoxy. Due to its abrasion, high impact, and chemical resistance, it is highly used regardless of the type of application or weather conditions.
  • Easy to Maintain and Clean- Completely cured Polyurea offers a flexible, smooth, and robust surface that’s easy to maintain and clean.
  • Strong waterproofing materials- Polyurea is commonly used to waterproof various structures, including roofing systems, wastewater facilities, parking garages, and balconies. The material is also used to protect polyurethane foam.
  • Easy to apply and Fast to cure- You only need a plural spray system to apply Polyurea. Once it is sprayed, it cures within a short while. This reduces the time you need to wait before you can start using the new structure.

Specialised Industrial Solutions’ Polyurea Coatings

Whether you need a polyurea coating for your floor or tank linings, we will offer polyurea solutions that conform to the application design. We acknowledge that Polyurea’s physical properties can help protect your assets from wear and tear, so we are dedicated to ensuring you achieve the maximum benefits of our polyurea spray line solutions. We are ready to offer long-lasting backed by our product manufacturers and us. Contact us today to get a quote and discover more about how we can contribute to the success of your project.